How luxury brands do video campaign

Compared to read, I way more prefer watching, such as watching pictures and videos. I guessed because I am too lazy that I don’t want to operate my brain that much, quizzes and exams already occupy a big portion of my brain recently (just kidding).  Unlike static long text, the video gives content marketers the sensory tools to tell the type of rich, moving story that conveys crucial information while conjuring necessary emotion. This blog I am going to discuss one article named ” 3 brands driving change with social video”. I am going to use luxury brands (Tom Ford, Burberry and, Chanel) videos to talk about how important videos are to content marketing from my own perspective.

Video gives marketers the sensory tools to tell rich, moving stories that conjure emotion.

In the article “3 brands driving change with social video”, the author Cyndi Knapic addresses the importance of videos to brands to tell a story. As a marketer, you know how important to choose the right medium, it can resist the pitfall of preaching. The author said ” the videos should be appropriately digestible so they find it easy and enjoyable to share with others. It needs to grab the viewer’s attention in 3-10 seconds to stop them from scrolling past.” Make sense, I always watch how long the video is before watching, a fascinating beginning always can arise my interest. The author gives three examples, which are Rescue chocolate, Girls Who Code and UPS.  Three examples illustrate a good video have to be timely, short and, simple; it has been funny without losing the integrity of the cause, which means finding a tone to fit your topic and brand; it has to tell one complete, personal story, which is created straightforward video message that’s easy for people to feel good sharing. I like none example the article present, but I do appreciate her ideas. I will give my examples to reexpress her ideas.

Burberry: create a straightforward interactive message to infect people to share and join in. 

Burberry’s campaigns are always imaginative, original and never fails to grab eyeballs. Burberry also adopts newer platforms and find their audience in the place that they frequent. This Burberry kisses video campaign launched in collaboration with Google. The campaign was a pioneer in combining two previously unconnected elements, which are communication of the web and a real kiss. The video urged users to send kisses to loved ones across the globe using the Burberry app. See? It also expands the user base of its app. The result showed tat people had sent kisses to over 200 countries and were spending over 3 minutes engaging with the app within one week. There is nothing more interesting and interactive for brands to let users be part of the campaign. This kind of campaign can make the audience feel that the brand is making campaigns for them and serve them.

So, other than some points that the article addresses, which is creative straight and interactive content, I have one takeaway:

Something about love can always win.   —Blair

Tom Ford: find a tone to fit your topic&brand

Continue with love topic, I recommend you watch the video before reading my words. This is my favourite as video, no one of, but most.

For me, the brand image of Tom Ford is sexy and fun. Same as the tone. As a huge fan of lipstick, I barely can say no to Tom Ford, I never buy this brand, part of the reason is its price. But I want to save budget on other brands in order to buy this one: Tom Ford Lips&boys. I have to admit, this video might be oversexed to some point, the actor and actress they chose are sooo cute and sexy that I even want to fall in love as well.  I love this tone, especially for a beauty brand, isn’t’ it? Not only for female, male are willing to buy lipsticks for their love with watching the video. Needless to say, the video fits the brand tone perfectly.

In conclusion, the video is an effective medium to use especially for content marketing. It is a tried and true way for the luxury brand. Play with videos and you should know: use interactive content can add points, find the right tone for your brand. last but not least: LOVE WINS.

I would like to talk about how videos contribute Chinese online celebrities using “Mr Bags” as the perfect example, who is an online celebrity on fire on Weibo (Chinese social media), graduated from Columbia University. If you are interested in, I will write it in the future.

Blair say: Don’t forget to look awesome today!


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