How Ice Cream Apps create Foodie Effect

I have a foodie roommate and she eats ice cream every single night without getting fat, jealous! As a result, I migrated to have a strong ability: resist delicious high-calorie food. However, I cannot refuse one thing she ate, it looks soooo amazing! Take a look at the picture and you will know why.


It is an ice cream pizza with OREO topping! My immune system just collapsed at the time I saw it. My roomie told me she found this amaizng pizza on Baskin-Robbins app. I was confused is that the attribute of a foodie? I barely could understand why download an ice cream pizza which will take my cellphone space.

Personally, I have several criterias when I download apps, not because the limited space, I dont just seldom use them for certain apps.

  1. Does it do one thing differently?

Don’t try too hard to be one hundred perfect, do one thing well and special at least. one way to differentiate your app is not to carry too many features. Those who do one thing have more of chance to success.

Baskin-Robbins focuses on providing deals and a new payment method. Customers can access deals and coupons, they will receive various mobile coupon and deals which are exclusively available through an App. What’s more, you could purchase virtual Baskin-Robin cards and use it as credit cards, just as Starbucks pay. This is rare for ice cream industry and a good news for a foodie. Absolutely not working for me since ice cream is not worthy for extra half an hour swimming. Besides, you can send the virtual card to your friends as a sweet gift if you want. It is an economic way to do it because they may acquire a new customer with low cost, you know how expensive to gain a new customer, right?

Other than this unique function, it also has common features share with other food apps, such as locate the nearest Baskin-Robbin shop and I am surprised there are so many stores near me. You can also browse the menu and sort frozen treats by nutritional preferences. I am pleased to see that they have the fliter to get the flavor I want quickly. If you are allergic to peanuts, just add ” No peanuts” filter.

map             fliter

Blair says” start with your unique feature, then do right to additional features. “

2. Is it Stable and Fast

just-a-momentThink about the most frequent app you are using every single day. They are fast, don’t crash, doing well what you expect them to do. Just like Wechat and Instagram, the most frequent app I use, I even spend over 4 hours per day on it, not only because its excellent functions, such as live video and its “always-catch-me” explore content.

Great apps are snappy and offer fast response times as well. Users expect to get the information they want in a couple of taps in few seconds. That is the place that Baskin Robbsin has to improve. Every time I am not on my phone, it takes me seconds to get back. I know you may are like me, just a moment makes me lose patience.

Blair says:  Fast speed can be a wow moment.

3. Is it engaging and interactive?

Engaging and interactive really help separate an app. Developing some details and stuff exclusive for your audience can shorten the distance between the brand and your customer. Baskin Robbins’ app has a special section for your individual profile, I was attracted by the “birthday club” at the center of the screen and it says I could get a free ice cream on my birthday and they will remind me bu email. I appreciate this compliment with knowing it is a bait. How can you refuse a free birthday gift, isn’ it?

One way to add an interactive element or polish your app is to add sound effect or game, especially for ice cream app. It is kind of disappointed to find no game or interactive effect on this app. I would definitely open with an app if it has an ice cream link game or pop-up game since it can meet double standards: entertainment and food utility.

Blair says: The engaging detail matters. Game, animation and sound effect flourish your app.

Well, this app does a better job than I expect, I would download it if it tells me how much calories they have and a game section, plus!

Don’t forget to look awesome today. 🙂


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