Virtual Reality: Google Tilt Brush could let you paint in the air!


Hey, artists! put your brushes down, let us paint in the air!


You WANT to watch this video before reading my words.

Should you give a big “WOW” for Google? When people ask me what is the coolest new thing, I have the answer now. You may know how jealous I am when your art friends have their painting done. I admire their talents and wish I could have this talent as well. Thanks to Virtual Reality, thanks to Google, it is never too late to learn painting and have your own “masterpieces” in 3D.


1. What is Tilt Brush

When Google has unveiled Tilt Brush, its new app set to revolutionise the definition of painting and push the boundaries of what it can represent. I could play at least half an hour on Snapchat filters, sharing how much fun when I change my face. I cannot imagine how long I am gonna spend on this Tilt, maybe I would sleep without my “brush” off.

Google said: ” Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.”

“Tilt Brush, at its core, is a virtual reality painting application. It creates something anyone can use, intuitively, for kids, artists, and absolutely anyone,” Skillman told Fast Company. “ It allows everyone to see how powerful VR is and how transformative it will be.”

Tilt Brush has the potential to drive a change in the fashion industry, as users can paint with textured fabrics such as denim, silk and cotton, as well as leather. Designers can flesh out their creations to scale and step around their work in progress, viewing it from every conceivable angle, and share it with other Tilt Brush users around the globe. I almost see my heaven!!! I am not a professional designer, but I could have Tilt Brush and pretend to be.

tilt brush

2. Virtual Reality in the digital world

I feel like this is the future of digital marketing, it is not a fad at all, but has longevity. Now the digital world is saturated with Snapchat filters and Instagram live, it is absorbing a massive amount of audience’s time and attention. Brands and content creators faced with the inevitable truth that engaging audiences predictably in this fractured media environment has been permanently altered. It is the time to have radical change and accept brilliance.  Virtual Reality can help marketers find next great storytelling canvas, enabling an entirely new interpretation and expression of the brand experience.

VR is already proving to be a big business, in Q1 2016 alone, more than $1.3 billion was invested in VR tech, according to TechCrunch. And Forrester projects more than 52 million headsets will be sold in the U.S by 2020. From a marketer perspective, the profit and market are emerging. VR closes the culture gap by adding more depth, human emotion and interactivity to the storytelling experience.

3. Virtual Reality applications

Think about these:

If you are planning to open a featured restaurant, and you have high expectations on the interior design. Wear the headset and walk through the new world to feel whether you like the design or not. The design is done with Tilt Brush by the interior design. Is there a better idea than this to show the effect of the design?

If you are too boring at home and wanna an escape, wear the headset and draw yourself a flower world, a universe, a snow garden with Tilt Brush.  You are the boss.

If you want to educate your children with art aesthetics without side effect, use Tilt Brush to let their imagination fly.

If you want to be an outstanding design professor, use headset and give a tour about your deisgn in 3-D.

If you want to listen to a concert, but cannot a ticket? Wear the headset and pretend you are there, no sight block, 0 distance.

I have two concerns:

  1.  Do I really need travel in the future if I could go anywhere with Virtual Reality technology?
  2. Can I have a discount for the headset, I am going to buy one 🙂




If you have more interest, please watch this small film almost entirely created in Tilt Brush, imagining the future of the music.


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