How Kendall Jenner touch magic on Magnum

I presented a news last semester which made my classmates stunned called China’s online stars making real cash from BBC. The article reports that certain online celebrity outperforms A-lister stars. According to CBND data, a commercial data company affiliated with Alibaba, the ‘internet celebrity economy” is set to be worth 58bn yuan in 2016, more than China’s box office in 2015. Unbelievable, isn’t it? This is in China, how about America?

Lifestyles of the Instagram-famous Selena Gomez is named as social media’s top A-list earner, commanding $550,000 for ONE paid-for post! True, they are cash machine and this is how easy they make money. Don’t be discouraged, you can make you own cash. I am disappointed because I thought Kylie Jenner should be the one who makes the most money. Just kidding.

14561813_416956348691928_5575823897690898432_nScreen Shot 2017-04-01 at 5.25.34 PM

        Supermodel Kendal Jenner unleashes her wild side to celebrate the launch of Magnum Double in Cannes.

I am not going to talk about Kylie, but her older sister Kendall Jenner instead. Kendal Jenner posted a picture with eating Magnum on her Instagram. Meanwhile, you can watch the short video released by Magnum. Magnum was pushing its digital marketing, having partnered with Kendall Jenner for its “release the beast” global campaign. As I said in the previous blog MagnumL your new fashion item, I am not a fan of either ice cream or Magnum, at least I started to pay attention to Magnum because of Kendall Jenner and started to google where to buy this ice cream.


So, here is the question, how much does Kendall Jenner earn or how much did Magnum pay? According to the previous blog , Kendall Jenner who has 77.6 million followers could make around 300,000 per sponsored post. This leads to another question, does it worth for Magnum to invest huge amount money?

Don’t rush to answer the question. Let us observe Magnum’s Instagram activity from the proper perspective. I am gonna use 3 metrics, engagement, reach and follower growth to assess the ROI of the expensive paid ads.

Metric 1: Engagement

I checked Jenner’s Ins and found the video post ( sponsored by Magnum) has 10.7 million views and 20.4 reviews, compares to other video posts which have 9.3 million views and 59.1 reviews on average. Most reviews said they want it, like to try the ice cream, or they have never seen a US model do the same for ice cream. Impressive positive reviews all the time.


Check again with the Magnum’s Ins, with an average engagement rate of 1.77%, fans have been exceptionally enthusiastic about Kendall in Cannes. Always something related to Kendall, especially chocolate video with Kendall in it, coming in at 4.5%. Effective? of yeah. What loyalty followers Kendall has!


Metric 2: Followers

After Kendall post the video about Magnum, data show that the followers of the official Magnum account grew by almost 4% in one single day, let alone a series Kendall-related activities after. Step forward and check the quality of the followers, the biggest fan is Kendall’s mother Kris Jenner who has more than 12M reach on Ins.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.56.38 AM

Wow, what a huge compliment and bonus from Keep with Kardashian!

Metric 3: Organic search

If you initially to search something and tend to know more, the brand marketing is doing a good job then. Thanks to fame from Kardashian’s family, Magnum’s account saw a significant spike on the organic search on Instagram. Within one month Kendall’s video post, a post featuring Magnum reached nearly 60M users.


                                                 From the Kendall Jenner Instagram effect

There is no denying that doing business with these big “IT” girls is truly expensive, the result is effective you have to admit. Good “IT’ girls have loyal followers, they are wondering and imitating what their idols wear, what they eat, what they like. Some of them may think, they can be more fashion or pretty when they have items their idol have.

Needless to say: this fashion item is not only affordable but also delicious.

Don’t forget to look awesome today :).














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