Magnum- Your New Fashion Item

I don’t quite eat sweet food, I know this is rare. Partial because I work out a lot and don’t want to run another half an hour just for eating high-calorie ice creams. However, I am willing to share my UX experience withMagnum and would like to swim for another hour for a double-chocolate Magnum, an ice cream with a fashion soul.


Back to last year, I clicked on a stunning ad when I was using on Weibo ( a Chinese social media) as a social media addicted millennial usually do. It demonstrates four gorgeous women release their beasts inside when they eat Magnum double chocolate ice cream at different scenes, they are tiger, eagle, leopard and Yak.  Watch it and I promise you will love it. You will be curious what is your inside demon when eating Magnum. It is so fascinating that I googled the website on my laptop.
I barely spent almost an hour reading the content, pictures and watching videos because it is more like a journey full of beautiful and inspiring stuff. On the first page, Magnum has three sections basically: For pleasure seekers, Icecream collection and NYC stores. I have to admit, it is genius to put ” for pleasure seekers” section first which leads people into a story immediately. I feel like I am watching an enjoyable video story instead of being pushing to read pure ads. At the end of the film, there is a recommendation of a series of three short films which are created by the world’s best aspiring filmmakers. They share the same theme: Be true to your pleasure. I cannot help myself to finish all the videos. They are powerful and inspiring. There is no exact definition for “pleasure”. it could be anything that makes you feel pleasant. In the movie, “pleasure” is pretending a sexy lady while you are a boy; “pleasure” is unlocking wechatimg2yourselves to have a blast with someone you may not familiar with; “pleasure” is doing stupid but cute things when you are old. I am educated at the same time I enjoying the films, realising that we have to face ourselves, don’t feel uncomfortable with the true pleasure. True pleasure is letting go, it is ageless, it is following your heart to find your potential talent. I want pleasure too! Got on my favourite pink sneaker and sportswear running across streets, enjoyed the pleasant sunshine and beautiful weather. Feeling like it is spring time, isn’t it? one of my pleasures is to wear sportswear running in the Manhattan to discover different stores, it is a feeling about movement and “surprise me”.
” A day without pleasure is a day lost” —Magnum

Unique things always win. Magnum does a good on design, clear structure and attractive pictures. I was attracted by the third part ” The New York Store” that I skipped the second product part. Why I say “unique” is because I never see ice creams like this, more like arts, you can create your own personal magnum ice cream which has 200,000 possibilities! And I was excited to find the store in NYC using the store locator on the website. This is definitely my next hangout place with my girls!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 3.42.38 PM.png

It is more than an ice cream, it is your fashion item. Magnum gives its product fashion life. Besides the fantastic personal ice cream, it also cooperates with the brand Rebbeca Minkoff during 2017 New York Fashion Week and collaborates with lots of celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner with a huge following and adored by fashion-forward consumers. Although it shows gallery on the bottom of the website, it fails to connect to its official Instagram account when I clicked on the gallery. Then I use my phone to get into their account and I spent another hour flipping through their posts. They paly around the ice creams and put them at tourism attractions and big events. Celebrities regard them as a fashion item and post stunning pictures. If you want to be a trendy girl? Try Magnum as your new bag or new lipstick.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks of UX experience. First, it is not easy to find the ice cream when you search Magnum, the top one is not the ice cream itself, but some magnum photographers. They have to optimise the SEM system to generate more leads to the website. Second, it fails to connect its social media accounts with the pictures on the website. It is imperative to link related social media. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to have social media engagement with your potential customers. Third, it is a little slow to watch its wonderful films when you use mobile phones and it is not easy to find the purchase link.
I am picky, I admit. I am not easy to be targeted since the digital year is saturated by beautiful models and beautiful design, everyone is competing in the same space id they think conventionally, using what Chinese strategist Sun Tzu calls: ordinary method” (正), which is the barrage of beauty in today’s marketplace. However, I found something “extraordinary method” (奇)among the flood of images, it is an irresistible seduction. What makes it irresistible is not mere beauty and good taste, which is too commonplace, but also the heart, the release from the heart, which seduces the consumer not merely to buy, but to fall in love. This is extraordinary.
How can’t I fall in love with an ice cream with a fashion soul?


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