How the world sees fascinating you

Do you believe in the Zodiac? I do, mine is Aquarius. I read tonnes of versions saying Aquarius is the most creative constellation among 12, like artists.  I am glad to know that because my friends around me always describing me like that. According to a new survey by the National Science Foundation, nearly half of all Americans say astrology is real science. It also affects the way how people social, make friends and find partners. On the contrary, people’s brain is designed to recall something related to themselves when they read articles, such as constellation descriptions. Besides, people all around the world are only divided into 12 constellations just according to their birthday data. The result could be doubtful.

My digital marketing professor mentioned about this How To SallyHogshead-personality-test-founder.pngFascinate personality test in the class. We are always wondering how we see the world but do you know how the world sees you? To tell the truth, I felt more like this is just an ordinary test at the beginning, but somehow I was curious and wanna know whether does it match my constellation. The procedure of doing the test is clear and simple, the well-designed website and the evidence of how real and powerful it is made me feel serious. This is the first personality test that measures how others perceive your best and the inventor Sally Hogshead is ranked #1 for the world’s top 30 brand professionals for 2016. All the cases from fortune 500 and other companies add more mysterious to the test. I answered 28 questions carefully and the result turned out I am Catalyst. What a interesting name, leading me eager to read the explanation: my primary and secondary advantage is passion and innovation. The result is in accordance with my expectation actually. However, the test report gives me a more detailed and instructions who I am and how would I apply my advantages in the real team work life.

With reading the report, it recalled me of one memorable experience of my life. Passion is the language of relationship and innovation is the language of creativity. I used this two throughout the process of creating my college fashion website. When I was an undergraduate student, I was sitting with two other girls one time who I am not familiar with, but I could tell we share the same interest: fashion. I decided to talk to them first with the clothes they were wearing. The topic suddenly explodes and we got emotionally connected to each other: as ordinary college students,  we value fashion, trying out best to dress up ourselves with a limited budget to express our lifestyle. Then, I started to ask myself: why not doing something extraordinary to represent college students’ fashion attitudes? There was no single website record college fashion at that time and we were the first: LadyBerry college fashion website (lady means elegant and berry means adorable). Luckily, we were entrepreneurial and willing to learn new stuffs. Designed the logo and learned how to use photoshop ourselves, borrowed a camera from from and then went out directly to search college students who dress well. We were so surprised they felt proud to be featured on our website and they shared on their social media which helped us generated 3,000 followers in one month. Later and later, many photographer and fashion website came to us to seek for business cooperation. ladyberry

(three girls are founders of LadyBerry college fashion website)

As a marketer, I love the concept behind the business model and how it applies to real life. I was attracted by the catchy name How to fascinate. It tells a story of the success of the founder “Sally Hogshead” and leads you to find out your own influential traits by doing the test. This test can not only help business companies but also universities. It seems that I am always interested in the topics of college students. The software can inspire to learn what they individually bring to the workplace and what helps them to be successful and what to watch out for. Especially when the HR department hires new people, they can tell what can the new employees bring with a short period through the test. For college, every time when students start teamwork, it is always a hard problem to get people into different groups. Professors can easily tell which student can contribute what and make sure each group is evenly distributed and maximise their ability. From my perspective, the meaning of this website is helping me recalled the experience in my past to assist myself what is my most powerful advantages and how can I avoid disadvantage which is trust.


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