Victoria Secret’s Secret

CNBC Events - Season 2015

Running on the machine is a boring thing, but it could have fun if I watch ” Victoria Secret(VS) Fashion Show” at the same time, wearing Victoria Secret’s sportswear. I feel so inspirational that I can run double distance as I usually do, being eager to get a better body figure that I can be the models on the stage. (picture from NBC News)

Victoria Secret is always my favourite brand every time I shop for fitness products and lingerie because I am obsessed with the campaign’s story, Flipping through Gigi Hadid’s playful workout pictures on Instagram with the hashtag “#TrainLikeAnAngel”, I feel my favourite model ever is not far away from me. I wake up at 6:30 to the gym and post a picture with me working out with the hashtag #TrainLikeAnAngel on Instagram. It is always every girl’s dream to be like an “Angel”. Thinking back I always beg my mum to buy one pair of a wing for me in the amuse park. However, you should first have almost perfect body figure like those angels do. Now, how about these “angels” are teaching you how to workout to get the body figure like theirs through social media platforms?


Victoria Secret used the right intensive media and chose the right brand ambassadors. VS launched the first nationwide mobile messaging campaign right before its Fashion show, the time most people were enjoying the feast for the festival. VS used plenty online social media platforms to boost awareness of its sportswear line. For Youtube, it established specific channel called “Train like an angel”, releasing amounts of VS angels’ workout videos. For Facebook and Instagram, Victoria Secret invited its charming angels with a huge amount of followers to send the post to have engagement with their followers. Angels intensely sent short videos, expert fitness, nutrition tips, as well as their authentic life. Facebook and Instagram page have been extremely successful, the Facebook page generated 364,621 likes and has thousands talking about it (2015 Mobile Marketing Association Forum). On Instagram, angels post their daily lives wearing VSX sportswear with the hashtag “TrainLikeAnAngel”.
Tapping social media influencers catapults the effectiveness and reach of mobile.
women desire to look like thebefore-after Angels. They think that if they train like an Angel then they will look like an angel. They could dress like an Angel of Victoria Secret. As a result, “TrainLikeAnAngel” calls for women to join the challenge and have positive change with VSX sportswear. The audience also posts their own workout video and tips as the response on their own social media to create more engagement with Angels. They also find their friends to join in accepting the challenge to get huge “before and after” change.

The interesting thing about Instagram is it is not just sexy, sexy, sexy looks, but these pictures take you on these stories. They are intense, playful and take you through those of emotions. They are not perfect body figures on the stage, but some of your interesting friends showing you their playful lives. Consumers do not need ambassadors who only feature products to sell to their followers, but personal connections and get value from it. Some inspirations who have commitments to their life and they spread their positive stories with real-time social media platforms. Moreover, the campaign started with mobile, its creative approach for this campaign allowed it to optimise the interplay of text, images and videos based on social media best suited for each medium to have a comprehensive influence toward its audience.

Take a quick glance at Gigi Hadid, look at her pictures before and after, a common girl transformed to a VS Angel, inspiring every girl to dare to try and chase their dream. Hadid’s Instagram accounts reveal these models working like professional athletes, being successful businesswomen and leading balanced lifestyles at the same time. These brand ambassadors speak of empowerment, health and achieving success through expressing their individuality. They are doing storytelling and people are born to remember stories.

Nevertheless, sometime Victoria Secret overdoes. VS one time launched ” The Perfect Body” campaign, But it got the petition from people arguinvictoriasecret-cross-fitg that women may feel insecure about their body and it failed to promote the diversity of women’s bodies and choose only one body type ‘perfect”[Fox News]. This will hurt the image of Victoria Secret which is hard to recover. As a result, play carefully with words and your theme to empower women to chase their dreams.                                                                        (From Cross Fit Brit)

Choosing your target audience, get on the right social media, have your brand ambassadors to do a storytelling,  and play safe with what you want to deliver to your audience.These are the secrets of Victoria Secret.


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