About Amazing Blair


Ni Hao! (Hello). I am Blair, not the girl in “Gossip Girl”, but I love her. I am from China. I am doing my master degree for integrated marketing at NYU in New York City, a dream city that I always fall in love with.

I have big passion about fashion, I am the founder of a college fashion website called LadyBerry, I go out to find college students who dress well and post their pictures on my website. College students are using their imagination to match clothes to express their life attitudes with LIMITED budget. Why not record this? check my website here


I am also doing a internship for a fashion blogger: Iconaccidental. I admire her a lot, not only because her amazing look, but also her persistence towards fashion: never late to dress fashion! At the age of retirement, she starts her fashion blog career. I love managing social media, arranging shootings and connecting with designers, so much fun!

Fitness and Fashion are born to be together, I love working out in the gym, feel burning when you are perspiring. Boxing is my favorite, ( watch out). Don’t be scared, I am not dangerous and professional, just for fun and perfect body figure.  Fitness makes me transformed. I have better body figure, I am more confident, I am more outgoing to social. The most important thing, I found what I want to do: open a boxing gym in NYC.

Welcome to my blog!



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